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The Team

HRCH Owad’s Guardian Shadow

Shadow is a Kennel favorite. She was purchased from Castile Creek Kennels as a pup coming out of an amazing pedigree. High drive and intelligence make her fun to train. What separates her from the others is how hunt savvy she is. Getting her first season under he belt before she was a year old solidified in her mind what we were training for every day in the off season.


HRCH Muddy Acres Rough N’ Ready- Gunner

Gunner came to us through Doug Dodge. Her dad, FC Hex, and mom both come from a long line of field trial dogs. While her drive is incredible, she is known for her ability to wiggle her way onto anyone’s lap who offers to pet her.


HR Muddy Acres Trial By Fire- Chaos

The picture sums up Chaos perfectly. While he is a smart dog with great drive, he is also a goofball that loves time on the couch with the kids. The epitome of a hunting dog that will grind all weekend in the blind and have the off switch while home during the week. He is out of our first litter bred here at the kennels and will always hold a special place because of that.


SHR Owad’s Riley

The dog that started the obsession. Riley was our family’s first lab, first hunting dog, first exposure to a new kind of life. His pedigree wasn’t special. Just a standard AKC registered lab. But we lucked out with a high drive dog that could handle all the mistakes I threw at him. As I was learning about waterfowl hunting I was also learning what it meant to be a “handler”. Riley picked up ducks for me in NY, TX, and Kansas. Withstood the struggles of my chaotic military career and absences from deployments over 7 years. He was the right dog for me at the right time.

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Muddy Acres Makin Ya See Double - Quila

Quila found our way to us through Travis Bock at New Era labs. She has high drive with a gentle temperament. With a smaller frame she is built for speed. We are looking forward to starting her hunt test career in 2021

Muddy Acres Soju Makes Me Sing Karaoke

Soju is from Big Cottonwood Retrievers run by Grant Hatch. She is a beast. No doubt when, and if, she ever stops growing she will be one of the biggest female labs in town. Strong headed, she prefers some time rough housin over getting belly rubs. She marks excellent and her drive and size will let her run through a brick wall if need be.

Meet the Dogs: Services
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