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Do you offer military discount/ Rates?

Yes. We want our veteran community to be able to enjoy a quality hunting dog. We have a significant military discount offered to all members of The Fallen Outdoors- a non profit nation wide organization dedicated to getting veterans in the outdoors.

Will you recommend any breeders if you don’t have puppies available?

Yes! Each pup that we have listed out our “meet the dogs” page list which breeders we have gotten them from. If they don’t have any pups available at the time we will gladly help reach out to other quality breeders in the area.

Do you train Silver Labs?

NO. Silver labs may seem like a controversial topic in the lab world, but anyone who does some research will quickly find out that Silver Labs are not purebred labs. We will not sell pups to anyone who has Silver Labs. And we do not train Silver Labs in an attempt to deter potential buyers from making a mistake.

Do you use E-collars?

Yes. We believe that E-collars are a great tool for training any dog, especially retrievers. We use and recommend Dogtra for all your e-collar needs.

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